Majesty Delicate

Majesty Delicate

Today the curtains are raised to introduce to the world her “Majesty” perfume collection at her coronation day. She left behind all her childish memories to face the world with a trusted smile and wise sense. She devoted her life to the public and engaged with the humanity to grant them their needs and rights. Her “Majesty” perfume collection is a gift to the world to add up a trace of delight in their hectic lives.
Wait, wait… a delicate spark of girlish sensation is there, she is still that delightful woman that you are ready to leave everything for her. This time the bottle is pink reflecting her delicacy yet the cap is still brave as ever. The fragrance has an exciting noble fruity scent, it has the white floral baguette that reflects the purity of her soul, yet it’s wrapped with musk and gourmand trails.


Fragrance Type
Suitable for
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Olfactory Pyramid
Top Note: Pineapple, Red Fruits, Peach& Mandarin.
Mid Note: Rose, Lily of the Valley& Jasmine.
Base Note: Musk, Vanilla, Warm Milk& Heliotrope.
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