The do’s and don’ts of royal manners should be followed and practiced by the royal families.She has been pursuing the royal protocol since her childhood and in fact she mastered all her performances publically. The moment she removes her crown, her naughty, playful and lively side show up. She still turns the staircase into a slide and does pillow fight, she has never changed, she always has been this adorable, irresistible and beautiful queen. RoseMary Paris introduces the new edition of Naughty fragrance that has a playful and dynamic scent which entices you to join the aromatic atmosphere and live it as it should be.
Fragrances keep the musk as a base note, its only her Naughty way to play around. The fragrance moves gently from the white musk to a celebration of a floral bouquet and arranged creatively between rose, jasmine violet, iris and lily of the valley. Finally the fragrance settles on a musky woody notes to leave a long lasting aroma of cedar, sandalwood, white musk and amber.


Fragrance Type
Eau de Perfume
Suitable for
Made in
Olfactory Pyramid
Top Note: White Musk
Mid Note: Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Iris& Lily of the Valley.
Base Note: Cedar, Sandalwood, White Musk& Amber.
RoseMary Perfums

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